Consulting to FTSE100 companies to diagnose, design and deliver effective systems that create thriving and sustainable growth

Healthy systems create healthy cultures, outstanding leadership and the highest quality of sustainable performance. Healthy environments exude belonging, growth and thriving and typically prioritise human care, promote divergent thinking and create uncompromised clarity and alignment on what’s most important (internally and externally).

Where to start? 

In the all too familiar environments that are manically busy, time-poor, highly expectant and in a state of continuous change, in-house teams and Centre’s of Excellence can sometimes feel overly stretched, under-resourced (time, people or skills), or simply in need of fresh thinking. During these times, it can be helpful to draw on trusted expertise from outside. Russell’s consulting practice provides expertise and support in:

  • Architecting global centres of excellence and leadership academies;
  • Designing and implementing coaching cultures, upskilling coaching capabilities (particularly for leaders), and supporting aspiring or growing coaches in reaching higher levels of skill and impact;
  • Whole Systems thinking and group dynamics, including how to work more skilfully with sub-surface dynamics, unconscious communication and increased clarity and awareness (challenges that exist in all groups and threaten cohesion and effectiveness when left unmanaged, as they often are, particularly in senior groups);
  • Accelerating trust, psychological safety and increased ownership, particularly for teams or as part of wider cultural change programmes;
  • Designing and delivering neurodiversity agendas, particularly in connection with investments in leadership development.

Russell can be engaged as an individual subject matter expert or as a lead in mobilising global networks of seasoned, expert practitioners for programmes at scale.

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